Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Ok, its been a long time since I have done any blog and since I love blogging I decided lets go ahead and start again and this time not based upon my own experiences with OS/4 or any product line but what I think of the technology industry as a whole.  So yes, I may say some things people wont like, I'll piss people off and who knows maybe some people will listen and start doing the right thing.  So if you like tech, if you like news, if you like tech news commentary this will be the blog for you.  If you dont care what I have to say navigate away.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The matrix and blogspot together again

Im working on getting the content back on here from Wordpress. I would like to thank the Blogger staff for helping out with the case of impersonation and misrepresentation that occured when someone hijacked the domain after the incident years ago when a Google employee wrote me and told me having MSN search was not allowed on Blogger.

Either way, content will be returning and I will be updating more than I have on Wordpress.